Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 - with all of its blessings (even those in disguise)

Well 2009 is coming to an end and I can't help but look back on this past year. For me it's had so many ups and downs. I've felt like I've been on a never ending roller coaster. New years eve last year i was sick, running a fever and felt like i was dying, but had a great friend (wish we still talked) sit with me that night. I never imagined how 2009 would turnout. I was still trying to get divorce finalized after a year and half so I could move on with my life. I hated my job and dint' want to go to work each day. My whole world changed in a matter of days. Danny came into my life on January 3, and brought something special into my world. As stressed and upset as I was he make me smile everyday. Our relationship grew as we spend more and more time together. But along with all of this I was having some other issues, I had to move again, but Danny helped me get through moving during spring break. In the meantime, i was still going back and forth for divorce and finally it came through on MAY 27Th, needless to say I went and celebrated with my friends, but it was a bitter sweet day. I never planned on getting a divorce and having my kids go through it, but all in all things happen the way they are suppose to, that I do BELIEVE.During all of this time, I was also required to make some difficult choices, finally ending with the decision to leave Port Arthur and try to find another job. Throughout the summer I searched, and spent time with the kids, with one of the best parts of the summer being JULY 31st, when Danny proposed to me, with the help from his lil son Christian. It's a night I won't ever forget. God has showed me so many things over and over again throughout this past year. School started and my baby started kindergarten,where does the time go. The girls are in 2nd grade and are so smart. I started subbing at CO Wilson, which has been an experience since it has been in a American History class, but I loved every minute of it. Then we skip to October 3, my wedding day. It was perfect for me and him, though it rained the whole day and i was worried since it was outside, the rain stopped long enough for us to say I do, we wrote our own vowels which were the best words I've ever heard. So many people were part of making the day perfect for me and him. God has his hand in everything, and though I would love to find a permanent job, obviously it hasn't been meant, along with we need a bigger house for all of us to live in. But I do believe 2009 with all of its blessings even those in disguise, was a great year. I have grown in so many ways and found so much more to be tankful for. I have the best husband ever, three of the most amazing kids, along with two more now that I love as much as my own. Our big family is the best. I have some great parents and wonderful sister. So I hope this finds you all well and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year! I wish everyone the best for 2010.

<3 always me

PS. I didn't mention my friends up there but I have not for one moment forget each of you. You have all been there for me and so supportive of me in everything, always there for me to lean on, cry to, and laugh with. Thank you, and I love you all so much!

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