Saturday, July 31, 2010

THe funniest thing ever

So my daughters are at a slumber party tonight for one of our friends...
and while my husband, our friend, and I sit in the living room with our front door they wrapped our house and chalked our drive way...

they are 8 years old.. with three adults help of course lol

funniest thing ever :) pics coming soon

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fawk You Fridays - yay

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Oh wow been awhile since I participated in this one.. but boy do I need to today!!
I think it is great!

So lets begin -

Fawk You - first off to my X you can read my previous post to know what he's up to lately. It's at the top of the ARE YOU F N KIDDING ME LIST
Fawk You - To the rain that has been going all week.
Fawk You - to the losers that don't follow through with what they say they are going to do.
Fawk You - to the clock that always seems to tick tock so slowy after lunch time on this day when I am ssoooooo ready to get off and start my weekend!

Everyone have a great weekend :)


Ok so here is how my day played out yesterday....

Drop off the kids at my parents so my lil sister and her bff can babysit. My dad then asks if my brother called me at 2am... i was like Hell no.. why would he? well he went to jail again for DWI.. this is strike two and he just got off probation last month. Can we say DUMB.. well then what makes it worse is when my parents said they would not bail him out this time... he preceeds to yell and start an argument with dad (while standing in the police station)... about how my parents never do anything for him and he never asks for anything.. can we say BS. First off they have helped him pay bills, dr bills, probation, insurance,etc... all while he is always still asking for more. So this seems to be the road my brother has taken, and I dont get it. I thought after he finally divorced the two times older than him wife, he would get his life straight, but instead he found someone even older thanher and is living with her. Now mind u he is 25 she is older than my daddy!! WTF?

I am so worried bout him.. but can't help those that dont want to be helped, and I worry even more bout my daddy. He can't handle the stress anymore it effects his diabeties. But what do we do.. well nothing left to do and that is sad.

SO if this wasnt on my mind and bad enough, I have to go to the post office to pick up mail for Danny. We got one of those lil cards that said he had a certified letter to pick up. We have no clue what it could be coming from the city it came from.
Well to our SURPRISE.. its from the municipal court... and
MY STUPID EX HUSBAND is filing ASSUALT charges against MY HUSBAND!

now if danny had actually beat the hell out of him (like he would love to at times) these charges would be legit.. but they are such BS that is its ridicuoulus..
I mean who the hell does he think he is. Now if Danny had actually hit him then his charges would be legit. Danny kicked the fence that was between the two of them, after X ran his mouth.. (to much tell the whole story) but bottom line is THERE WAS NO ASSUALT and MY X is a Jerk! and now we have to go to court and deal with it all. UGH

HOw can someone be SO HATEFUL!!!
And make comments like there are consequenses for his actions.. and that he should never have been treated that way .. blah blah blah...

Some people never quit be hateful and trying to always be in control! There way or no way.. ugh.

Stupid.. just makes me want to scream... or as the song says I'll pray for you

Monday, July 19, 2010

monday minute! been awhile

Monday Minute

Monday Minute with IAN.. have not particpated in awhile, but go a min in my rainy day here at work so I am this week :)

What's your real name?

Have you ever fabricated a story or anything on your blog?
NEVER! - my blog is all bout the reality I live in and feelings/thoughts I have

When in the car do you listen to the radio/CDs/iPod/etc?
it's either cds made at home.. or i love satallite radio.. so few comercials.. or if we have the ipod hooked up/charged then we get a wide range of songs... just depends on the day and where we are going

Describe the 'sexiest' item of clothing that you own
hmmm i really don't know anymore.. use to be some lingere but now i think i have a reason to go shopping lol

Would you be willing to breastfeed your friend's three year old child?
I don't think so... three years old and that kids should not still need the boob! Plus those teeth would freakin hurt!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Follow


Hey Hey everyone! well its FRIDAY.. yipee!
and I am participating in Friday- Follow! I have not been joining lately since I have been so busy :( but I like to jump in when I can.

ALl of you new bloggers to my world.. I am Tabatha, wife to an amazing man, mom to my twin girls, my son, and a stepmom to my daughter and another son.. so we have 5 kids. LOADS OF FUN...never a dull moment.

This blog is for me to write about Anything and Everything that I want to, sometimes I am telling happy stories, or praising something/someone, sometimes I am just plain bitching to the blog world about anything that is bugging me.

I have come to love the blog world/friends for all their sweet and loving and helpful comments and advice. I love reading and making new friends with each of you!
SO I look forward to making more!

Have a fantastic weekend :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out - SCARED - HARD TO POST

Oh HOw I've missed PYHO with SHELL


Ok so those of you that read my blog on a regular basis (or I'd like to think you do)).. would know a few things about me... 1) I'm a mom of three/five kids 2) I'm married for the 2nd time to an amazing man 3) I think I live on a rollercoaster at times 4) hate my x .. any ways you get the picture.. but see I know I've written a whole blog or two bout DANNY my husband, whom I met in Jan 09 and we married in Oct 09. So see we havent even been married a year... and I get so scared of losing him/us.

I LOVE HIM so MUCH! and I know he knows I do... but see sometimes I think the whole us happening so fast causes us problems too.

Right after we got married I got really depressed. It was one of those moments when I was SOOOO HAPPY in EVERY WAY with HIM and US... but was so depressed about my job/weight etc.. so I ended up pushing him away not even realizing it. And now that I know I did..(he reminds me).. I get scared of that getting in our way.
Though we still laugh, talk, play, and touch each other there is something different... but let me back up a lil again.. in April of this year we got into a HUGE fight.. I won't go into a lot of details, but he is so ANGRY (bout his ex and her moving off with his kids) he ended up takin that ANGER out on me... so in turn as I had comeout of being so depressed and was reaching back out to him he pushed me away.. in ways I never thought possible.

So now here we are both still in love with each other (we've talked about it in great detail)... and both want this marriage more than anything... but we feel like we are starting over and it sucks. We are still newly married and it shouldnt be like this and we know it. IT HURTS both of us.. All I seem to do is cry when we talk about it... like I feel it is MY FAULT.... when I know it is both of our fault.

I just get sooo scared.. because I never felt the way I do about him about anyone, not my exhusband not anyone I ever dated. I gave my whole heart to him, from the beginning and I can't imagine us not being together. (LET ME STATE THIS - WE ARE NOT EVEN THINKING BOUT NOT BEING TOGETHER) - i JUST get scared and needed to put this out on paper per say.

I want more than anything to be with him for the rest of my life, and I know he loves me too, I feel it and see it. I just have to figure out how we get over this hump and back to the US that we both LOVE/NEED/WANT.

anyways.. this was really hard for me to post, just because It's like puttin our crap out for the world to see, but I figured someone would say something back to me that helps me, encourages me, WAKES me up lol

Thanks everyone that sits and reads this!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FOllow me Back Tuesday

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Havent participated in weeks.. but I love making new friends so come on and read my stuff and I'll be sure to come visit you too of course :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh Boy -

Hello bloggy friends... oh how ive missed you. I was gone for a week for work, and bored out of my mind... sometimes I wonder what the hell is the point of some of the trainings we get sent to.. and maybe since I really am wishing I had another job.... it didnt help. Now mind you this job will or could be REALLY great.. but the PAY not so good.. barely making it. But I guess it will have to do for now... :(

SO just to catch up on some things.... in short.... LIFE IS CRAZZY
I used my quiet time away to do some thinking.... and let me just say sometimes I think too much, over analyze situations, people etc... but sometimes that thinking also makes me realize how naive I am. Ever have that happen....

I mean sometimes I think I take for granted things I shouldn't, people I shouldn't etc... but I guess we all do at times, but I also feel I am Takin for GRANTED by so many people, cuz I am always the GOOD FRIEND, no matter what they've done to me, I'm always there for them... sometimes that sucks.

I guess after doing a lot of thinking, I've noticed some things that NEED to change, ever just stop and take a look and realize thingshave to change, well thats where I am at. TIme to put me first, not over my kids or husband, but over everyone else. My husband, and kids are the most important people in my life, and seems they are the ones that sometimes get the short end of the stick at times.. never on purpose but seems they do. NOT ANYMORE... everyone else will just have to wait...
I have to get myself up out of this funk that Ive been in for months and months, that seems to look better then it turns out not to be... so hard to remember GOD has aplan for me, not me a plan for me.

When one door closes another opens up - right.... well we sure will see....

Have so much more to write bout.. but got to wait a bit...


Thursday, July 1, 2010


have one of those days... where nothing seems to go right and you want to SCREAM... well that is my week.. not day lol... and I guess i've been a bad blogger here lately and I miss getting to read everyones stuff and write my own... :( so hopefully soon I'll be better...
but just so all my readers know.. i miss you and i miss your blogs!