Friday, July 30, 2010


Ok so here is how my day played out yesterday....

Drop off the kids at my parents so my lil sister and her bff can babysit. My dad then asks if my brother called me at 2am... i was like Hell no.. why would he? well he went to jail again for DWI.. this is strike two and he just got off probation last month. Can we say DUMB.. well then what makes it worse is when my parents said they would not bail him out this time... he preceeds to yell and start an argument with dad (while standing in the police station)... about how my parents never do anything for him and he never asks for anything.. can we say BS. First off they have helped him pay bills, dr bills, probation, insurance,etc... all while he is always still asking for more. So this seems to be the road my brother has taken, and I dont get it. I thought after he finally divorced the two times older than him wife, he would get his life straight, but instead he found someone even older thanher and is living with her. Now mind u he is 25 she is older than my daddy!! WTF?

I am so worried bout him.. but can't help those that dont want to be helped, and I worry even more bout my daddy. He can't handle the stress anymore it effects his diabeties. But what do we do.. well nothing left to do and that is sad.

SO if this wasnt on my mind and bad enough, I have to go to the post office to pick up mail for Danny. We got one of those lil cards that said he had a certified letter to pick up. We have no clue what it could be coming from the city it came from.
Well to our SURPRISE.. its from the municipal court... and
MY STUPID EX HUSBAND is filing ASSUALT charges against MY HUSBAND!

now if danny had actually beat the hell out of him (like he would love to at times) these charges would be legit.. but they are such BS that is its ridicuoulus..
I mean who the hell does he think he is. Now if Danny had actually hit him then his charges would be legit. Danny kicked the fence that was between the two of them, after X ran his mouth.. (to much tell the whole story) but bottom line is THERE WAS NO ASSUALT and MY X is a Jerk! and now we have to go to court and deal with it all. UGH

HOw can someone be SO HATEFUL!!!
And make comments like there are consequenses for his actions.. and that he should never have been treated that way .. blah blah blah...

Some people never quit be hateful and trying to always be in control! There way or no way.. ugh.

Stupid.. just makes me want to scream... or as the song says I'll pray for you


  1. Wow. Now that's what I call a crappy day! I'm sorry mama.

  2. I'm so sorry Tabatha. What an absolute jerk! You're just lucky now that you found a good one to hold on to. :)
    And that's so hard about your brother but like you said whatdya do?? If it's that hard on your Dad then he needs to do what's best for him.