Friday, April 30, 2010

friday follow.. make some friends

Friday Follow

It's that day of the week again... Lets make some NEW FRIENDS!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

randoms thursday

so its another crazy day....

things are always insane around here... with allstars and all the fundraising etc... which if anyone wants some scentsy candles let me know... then on top of it we are still trying to unpack the new house, have been so swamped we are living out of boxes and bags...been trying to find a job.. cuz I NEED one like ohhh um yesterday..

then i stress bout my babies going to Arkansas this weekend, just makes me nervous ya know... and then my baby boy turns 6 next week, I can't believe how big he has gotten, so I have a party to plan around his Tball game and Allstar fundraiser.

But on a good note, My hubby got to eat lunch with me today (which never gets to happen) and tomorrow night I get to go see REBA with one of my best friends!!!
What a busy weekend we have... I get to go see another woman join the BACH family, which I am so blessed to be part of (which means I get to see my hubby in a tux for the second time, first was when he married me). Got to love a man in a tux!

Then hopefully we will have some relaxation on sunday as we make a trip to the beach weather permitting. SO if for some reason I don't get to jump on here tomorrow for Friday Follow.. hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's That time again.. my fav meme over at SHELLS... time to Pour YOUR or shall I say MY heart out!!

Well this is not the first time and I know it won't be the last time but today I am going to complain a little

See my ex and I have shared custody of my (i guess Ill say our) three kids (the twins and my baby boy)... We have them a week at a time.. from Friday to Friday!
I DO NOT get any child support or anything.. he is required to have them on his insurance and pay daycare (which will only be for another few years .... THEN WHAT?)

To top it off he makes probably TWICE if not more than that than me... especially right now since I have not had a full job just been subbing!... so anyways
the girls have been playing softball for the last three year (which he encouraged first) but guess who usually pays for everything that has to do with it .. oh wait bet you couldn't guess ME! So this past weekend the girls wanted to sign up for cheer leading.. not my fav idea.. but its not for me its for them... and If they wanted to do it I wanted to let them try.. so i call up X and ask him.. he agrees as long as no matter who's weekend it is I TAKE THEM...he doesn't want to go watch every Saturday some kids play football while his girls are cheering... ok whatever so be it.. I agree.. he agreed to pay for the whole thing basically at this time. SO my hubby said OK go sign them up (must pause here to say my hubby is the BEST STEP DADDY ever .. he even is coaching softball for my girls ALLSTAR team)... So I write a check, get them signed up etc... then when its time for X to give me money back guess what he does..... oh did u guess any of you...
HE ONLY GIVES ME 1/2!!! WTF ... now lets just say HUBBY was beyond MAD and wanted to KICK some you know what! (had to get him to calm down at the softball tourney)

So on top of that as I have already posted my girls made all stars for softball.. can we say MORE $$$$$... and I know X who thinks all the lil nick nack crap that most parents (moms) want to buy the team .. are STUPID.. will give me crap and not help us. ALWAYS has some excuse. yet always has money for hunting and going in boat etc...

SO that is just what is so Frustrating right now bout my X!

Then just a short thing bout my hubbys X.... she went and bought a dress for their daughter (my stepdaughter.. for my hubbys brothers wedding..(this weekend) she sends a pic msg to his phone.. the dress is HOT PINK with bright polka dots...he preceeds to tell her.. this is going to class with the colors of the wedding (candy apple red).. so every picture will she will class and take away from the bride... his X then said "oh well she isn't in the wedding anyways" and "i am not buying a dif dress or taking this one back"... WTF can we say she is a B! So my hubby has to go find a dif dress for his daughter before the wedding.. so that she doesn't look like an Easter egg in all the family pics.



loves y'all

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well we had a softball tourney this weekend...spent fri and all day saturday at the softball fields.. MY GIRLS DID SO AWESOME!! and they made ALLSTARS!!

between softball games hubby and I moved some more stuff, and started cleaning the old house. This has just been ONE LONG weekend. Then on top of all of that.. I was hoping to go to bed early last night but then my daddy had to go to ER... that is one of those gut wrenching calls. HE is OK though.. but made for a LOONNNGGG NIGHT.
SO anyways... say a prayer for me to get through this week.. TAKS testing makes for a long week!

Friday, April 23, 2010


TRUE - by real- genuine; authentic: sincere; not deceitful

FRIEND - by - a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

So I've always considered myself a TRUE FRIEND... I've always been the one that was ALWAYS there even when that same friend may not have always been there for me. I've had friends love me, use me, treat me like crap, treat me great, but I was ALWAYS there for them.

I understand we all have been hurt a time or two probably by friends but sometimes I wonder what do I have to do to let someone know they can trust me and I can be the best friend you've ever had. I see someone in need of a REAL TRUE friend I try to be there.
Here in the last few weeks I've had some "friends" say some things and do some things that were very hateful or hurtful and in all HONESTY I should probably not be their friends anymore... but since my HEART is SO BIG... as usual I forgive, (because that's what I am suppose to do) and I move on and keep on being the BEST friend.

Why is this? I don't know sometimes... cuz when I do get hurt I am the one truly upset, and trying to figure out what I did wrong (when 99% of the time I did nothing wrong) they just took something out on me, or assumed things or who knows.

So maybe I looked up the definitions of TRUE and FRIEND
but here is mine...


Now I've learned friends come and go... but really if you have a TRUE friend, it doesn't matter how many days or months, even years sometimes go by.. they are still there for you!

So what do you think what is a true friend? What are your thoughts on it?

Friday Follow... lets make friends

Friday Follow

It's that time again... LETS BE FRIENDS!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Need of a New Fairy

Well everyone I am back, I missed getting to read everyones posts yesterday... :(
but hubby and I managed to not kill each other and got EVERYTHING moved from one house to the new house... Now I am in need of 1 cleaning fairy for the old house & 1 unpacking fairy at the new house... I have places on my body I didn't even know existed hurting today! The kids love the new house, though they all slept in the same room last night, it was the only one with a TV for the moment and of ALL their DVDs they chose to watch the freaking Barbie Twelve Days of Christmas... I mean really... even my poor son was into it. lol I guess whatever works, I was just glad my room was at the other end of the house. As much as I LOVE Christmas.. I had no desire to hear Christmas carols in April. So anyways, Hope to catch up on everyones posts... especially my fav meme on Wed .. Pour Your Heart Out.

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday... and has a great one today!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Oh what a whirlwind of a few days... and still going. Tomorrow I may miss out on my favorite meme .. POUR YOUR HEART OUT... but I will pick it up later or maybe late tonight.

I will be packing and trying to finish moving all the stuff from one house to another. Hubby and I both took the day off so just maybe we can get everything moved. Work is stressing me out, moving is stressing me out, friendships are stressing me out. To many people involved in a tangled mess I guess. But least I am trying to keep a balance between it all!
So I will be back later though!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Trapped! Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images

So I am feeling trapped right now bout some things....
see this weekend went from fantastic to sucky in
like two seconds flat...
of course alcohol was involved
but right now Im feeling trapped in a spot
of what to do now....
see some things got said that
REALLY REALLY hurt my feelings.
And i think we both need to talk about it,
but right now I was just glad we talked this morning,
but feel like there is so much that needs to be said.
But in truth it wasnt really my fault...
I just keep being accused of somethings that
I dont know what else to say bout it,
cept Ive been done with my EX and don't want him
or anything to do with him.. i talk to him when
its about our KIDS and thats usually IT!
so how do I get to the bottom of it without it
being another fight. I DONT KNOW..
do I just let it all go...
I dont want to lose her friendship
she makes me laugh and we have A LOT of fun together.
so what ya think

Monday Minute

It's MONDAY AGAIN... so I am participating again over at ........

Monday Minute

1 - Ever take a shit in the woods?
Yea back when we would go in the woods and were to far from camp.

2 - If you won $1,000, what's the first thing you would do with it besides give me a cut?
Right now I'd use it on some much needed things for our house! Since we are still in process of moving.

3 - What's your favorite phrase?
"another day in the park"

4 - Fill in the blank - the world would be a better place if ______ left the planet.
the world would be a better place if MY EXHUSBAND and my hubbys EX WIFE left the planet

5 - How do you take your coffee or tea?

I heart sweet tea from sonic... or red diamond... live off it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I love Softball - for How many more years?

So both of my girls are playing softball again this year.. and boy is it time consuming!! Practices and leauge play and the tourneys on the weekends. One of the twins LOVES the game and is really good at it... the other one is good at it but just doesn't have the heart like her sister. The past two years it has not been as competitive till ALL STARS.. but man this year is so competitive and they get so down when we lose, or they strike out etc... SO as leauge play is coming to an end we will have a month of ALL STAR practice if either kid makes it, and then a lil break till FALL... but man it taakes up sooo much of our time.. BUT I LOVE IT.. I love watching them play and learn how to play. I love when either of them hits the ball so hard and far they are super excited when they come back into the dug out.. SO I wonder how many moreyears of softball do I have... well at the rate they are going I have at least 10 more years of it!

Ready for our tourney this weekend... GO HYPERACTIVE!!

Friday Follow

Friday Follow

It's that time again...make some new friends!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I know the majority of us have at least one EX that we can't stand or that gives massive HELL... well between my hubby and I we have two .. HIS & MINE!

Now don't get me wrong they of course have their moments when they are as normal as can be... but the majority of the time they are just plain ......... ________ (you can fill in the blank with just bout any negative word and it fits 95% of the time).

Not saying that either of these people are bad parents per say but... I am sure you all know how it works.

For ex he tries so hard to be a good dad... but always tells my kids to not tell me certain things cuz I'm going to "cry" about it.. which in turn he means I'm going to throw a fit that he went and bought a new hunting bow but tells me he don't have money to buy something that the kids need. Well let me just say YES I am going to gripe a little... or for example today he said YES I will help pay to but the girls in a rec cheerleading thing, but even on my weekends you have to bring them cuz I don't wanna go watch some other boys play football and the girls will probably barely cheer anyways he dont wanna waste his weekends... that kind of stuff drives me crazy... or I call to talk to them and he NEVER has his phone.. what if it was an emergency? oh well anyways I could go on an on an on... like how its ok for him to do certain things, but soon as he finds out I did he causes a scene.... as long as its his idea its all good... he was that way while married too.. but still his... there are many other things I could go on an on about but wont.

NOw to my Danny's ex wife= She is one of those women that I got a divorce and was Queen Witch. And she has always beent he one to say one thing but then DO ANOTHER anytime it FITS her. Yesterday for example.. Danny went to have dinner with the kids but was going to bring them home early like 6ish and well guess what she was going like an hour plus away to eat dinner with her new fiance' (which is a LONG STORY you would all find so interesting)...and wouldnt be home in time to get HER kids. She never sends enough diapers for the lil one... and usually Taylor doesn't have the right clothes packed based on the weather outside. Then to top it ALL off she is getting to Move two hours away and my poor Husband will barely get to see his kids.. andhe is one of the most amazing MEN ever... an awesome daddy.. trys to go to everything Taylor wants him at for school... and now he will have to miss out On so MUCh of hers and lil Christians lives .. and it is hurting him SO bad. She is one of those that always has some Crap to say cuz she doesnt know the whole story, but then acts like a middle schooler and hangs up when she don't like the conversation... (MY EX DOES THAT TOO)... HAte that!

I know we all have had some sort of experiences like these.. and Im sure you know that this little bit of info doesn't come close to all the tales I got tell.

But I do know this.... I have the most amazing husband and i hate seeing him hurt over her.. just as I know he hates when my ex has made me feel an inch big again and i am crying my eyes out cuz he has once again said something so hateful/hurtful... I know that our children see a lot of the way our ex's are.. (mine say things to me all the time that makes me know they know how their father treats me)... and one day I hope that our exs will see how the BAD things they say bout their childrens other parent effects them.

I LOVE MY HUSBAND and ALL FIVE of OUR CHILDREN!!! and the LIFE we are trying SO Hard To Give them!

TYVM.... 4/15/10

It's that time again.... Time to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH....

So to my class full of students - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for obviously not STUDYING anything we have went over this year and doing HORRIBLE on the practice TAKS questions I gave you yesterday.. makes me feel Ive wasted the whole year.

To the hair on my legs.... TYVM... I seriously get tired of you growing and me having to shave least three times aweek..

To My EX Husband .... TYVM... for not answering the phone when I just want to tell my kids I miss them and Love them... boy does it irritate me.

TO My New HUBBY's Ex wife.... TYVM for upsetting him so much yesterday... it left him in such a great mood to come home to me... ( even if He finallly got over it and we were fine)

and again to the freaking POLLEN... TYVM... my eyes HURT so bad.

So I am sure there are plenty more of these I could do today but I will wait.. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pour Your Heart OUT - ESTEEM

as I have the past few weeks I am participating in Shells, meme......

and this week I want to Pour My Heart Out about..... Myself, the way I view myself..etc....

Well growing up, I can't say I had the best self-esteem but I wouldnt say I had the worse... In middle school it was never an issue.. In high school... I was one of those friends with everyone kind of people.. didn't really have a click, but was a band nerd, flag corp, and on yearbook staff. When it came to boyfriends, I had plenty but looking back I'm sure I could have done better on a few of my choices. I was skinny, and hated those girls that said they were fat that were smaller than me...but some things happened my Senior year that broke me... and to be honest I haven't been the same since. But God has healed those wounds, (probably still doing so).... but then I married my EX Husband, (after getting preggo with my twins)... and I went from being tiny to being HUGE... had them and could not shake the baby weight, got really down etc... but finally managed to get back into my size before having the girls... and BAM found out I was preggo with my SON.. and well that was six years ago and I can NOT get back into that size no matter what I try. It's not that I don't turn guys attention or whatever but that crap has never mattered to me.. I just want to look in the mirror again and say ok... you Look

Yesterday someone told me I was one of the most positive people they know... and that threw me for a loop... maybe because here in the last few years I have not felt very uplifting and positive. My ex-husband made me feel so small and insignificant that it is taking so much to be the "happy go lucky" girl again. People that knew me before I married him sometimes tellme how much I changed... (not in a good way)... and it is taking a lot of effort, faith to try to get back to the old me... Though i will never be the OLD me.... I am trying to become a NEW me.

With such an amazing husband now, poor danny suffers sometiems for the way my ex made me feel.. At first it was so hard for me to open up to him bout things.. I could write about it for days and days, but not talk about it. He tells me I am beautiful everyday, knowing that when I go into the bedroom to get dressed there is a 90% chance I am going to get upset.. since clothes that fit me even in August I can't seem to fit into today. Danny has helped me with my feeling better bout myself, that and forgiving myself for things, and just letting go of some other things.

Now I know I am a good mom, I love my kids so much, I am the best friend you could have if you manage to get into my heart... I am compassionate and caring, and just want to HELP everyone I can. I am a good wife.

My self esteem is rising... and I'm working on pushing all the negative thoughts out... and just thinking positivly and it is working on most days.

So to all of you out there... just remember YOU are Beautiful too and GOD loves you and so do I!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesdays Thoughs

So here it is another day.. and as I've been trying to be more positive lately... and since I have tried giving everything over to GOD.. my worries, my stress, my weight issues, my money issues, etc... it seems

Things might be LOOKIN up for me, I have my fingers crossed.... as previously posted we got a new house... and today I got a job interview... so everyone just say a lil prayer for me and I will keep ya all posted.

Well been kinda busy this day... so not much to post and Im bout to leave work to go start packing some more stuff!!! woohooo

see everyone tom... for a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogaholics Anonymous Mondays

Just gonna go right at today...

Hey, Im Tabatha and I'm a blogoholic....

I would like to confess now that I am getting more followers it sure does make writing even more fun and rewarding to get some feedback on things.
I love making new friends so ... keep the new followers coming and if ya have friends send my way :)
Ali asked bout spring cleaning on her confessional... and well I have not had time to do the cleaning I would like but now that we are bout to move.. see previous blog... I will be doing somemassive cleaning out and throwing away before getting us situated in our new house.

Confession... I get to blog way more at work than I do at home.. and so many things are blocked by work computer it makes me sadI would love to have one of the cutesy buttons and layouts but can't figure out how to get the button or the lil roller thing with all the blogs I <3>

But anyways... I know God is Great and is doing some amazing things in my life right now... I just have to keep praying he will continue to help me and relieve some of the stress since I gave it all over to him (still workin on it).

HOpe everyone has a great monday.. thats all my confessions for today!!



so to fill you in.. Hubby and I have been trying to find a bigger house... since we got married the little two bedroom I was in just isn't cutting it when we have all five kids. Money has been a major pain in our butt if you know what I mean, so tryin to find one we could afford... is/was like WHATEVER... but we found one.. then the guy told me they rented it to someone else... (so upset)... but then by GOD"S Amazing Plan... the man texted me Friday night and told us it was ours if we wanted it...

SO now we get to go from a lil two bedroom house to a three/four bedroom house with a GIGANTIC back yard... (pics to come soon)... for only get this $50 more a month..
So SO freaking happy.. just not about trying to PACK and CLEAn and MOVE everything within the next two weeks... between... softball games, baseball games, practice... tournaments... and me having a MAJOR test to take this weekend.

So if my post seem to get a little STRESSED sounding I apologize

Thank you GOD for all you do in MY LIFE!

MOnday Minute #2

Monday Minute

It's that time again over at

At what age did you lose your virginity? well I was 15.... guess if ya wanna say There was this one time at Summer Band Camp

Any good sex tips or advice?
Get out of the box and make it fun and adventurous :) be spontaneous

Lights on or off when you have sex?
depends on who it was I was with... long ago it Really depended on those beer goggles lol
now its with my amazing husband, so if the lights are on great.. if not... hey that works too just depends on the mood of the moment..

Have you ever been caught in the act of having sex?
um yup... not a good thing to explain

.Ever catch your parents (or kids) having sex?

eww no.... and talk about a bad bad mental picture just by asking that question...

Friday, April 9, 2010

So over at


there is this

It seemed kinda fun so I thought I would give it a try.. Here are my confessions...

  • i try so hard to be organized but i really have issues
  • sometimes i feel so bad when my girls are in a double elimination softball tourney and i am ready for them to lose their second game.. so we can go home
  • cooking... well not for me .... unless i just want something
  • my so called diet... well ask again WHAT DIET
  • my goal of walking a mile a day.. well I made it one day and had an excuse of it being to cold yesterday...
  • BIG confession... the weekends my kids go to their daddy I am relieved do get a break... but then miss them as soon as Sunday is over...
  • i sometimes color in the kids coloring books even when they are not around

Well those are just a few I figured I could start with.. :)

First Impressions - Second Chances - Dont Judge a BOOK By its Cover

So we all know that "first impressions" are soooo IMPORTANT... but I've begun to think maybe not so... We also have always been told "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover".... which in my opinon contradicts the whole make a good first impression or it will hurt you at times..

So now for my reasoning behind this... My exhusband started dating a girl... and my "first" impression of her was she was quiet.. maybe a little "Bitchy" or something... Now don't get the wrong impression here .. we did speak to each other at my girls softball games etc... the usual hey how are you..and that was it.... but I think a lot of the reason we didnt REALLY ever talk was my ex...

So her children LOVE my children and vice versa... and I got her oldest on my oldest twins fall softball team... and even in more of a twist.. on her birthday she called me and wanted to have a drink.. so i did. (weird I know... but this woman was around my kids A LOT).... so after having this drink we found out we have SOOOO much in common. (not including my ex husband) LOL....
and since last year we have grown to talking so much more... and here lately we talk EVERYDAY...
(now mind you my ex and her are not dating anymore they are jsut friend because of the kids, but he really don't like that we are friends)....

I have found out she is one of the funniest women I know.. she makes me laugh everyday.. Her children which i call love bug and buttercup are almost like my own.. I truly love them to pieces.
She is such an amazing woman, christian woman... and has a HUGE Heart... in the last few weeks I have felt like she has become one of my best friends... we get along so well. I love her to death.
Of course there are moments when things may seem a little odd.. but oh well. We truly click.. and I am so blessed God has put her in my life. she has been there to listen to me when at moments I didnt want to talk to anyone else... I truly hope our friendship continues to grow.

I know there are so many people that see us and are wondering WTH we are doing hanging out and laughing and talkin together, but I dont care cuz she is truly an AMAZING mom to her kids, and is great to my kids, and is so much fun to be around, she doesn't judge people for their mistakes nor does she listen to what others say, she makes her own opinions and doesnt care what others think. She has been a wonderful friend to me in our short time of becoming close, and I love getting to see what she will make me laugh about each day.

SO again let me say... First Impressions may be important, but we must not Judge the Book by its Cover, cuz what is inside can be something GOD send your way... so give it a chance and see what happens.

This is to my new bb (she knows what that stands for) :) .... I <3>

will post a pic of us when i get back to my home computer :)


Friday Follow

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* Link up your blog name and URL using the MckLinky below. Only need to add on one blog to be seen on all the blog hops.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Over at
Blog Archive there is

and todays topic is.... What are your Top 3 favorite ages?
( Or, your Top 3 favorite ages for your kids?)

so... I think I will do a both just for the FUN of it

#3 favorite age of mine would be 18 Senior year in HS... had the best group of friends and just made so many memories - sometimes wish I could go back for a time.

#3 favorite age of my daughters would be age 3... the terrible twos were terrible threes and came in as twins so it was loads of fun at that time

#2 favorite age of mine would be 21... the moment I saw my twins for the first time in person... and though it was tough to be raising twins I managed to grow up and learn a lot.. (especially for when lil man came along)

#2 favorite age of the kids would be my sons age of 5 (he is bout to be 6 next month)... I love that he is so sweet and loving to his mommy, always telling me he loves me, and hugging on me... (I know those days won't last as he gets to be bigger)

#1 favorite age of myself would be age 28/29 (since i just had a birthday) - I have met the most amazing man, DANNY, and married him and we have such a strong bond and have so much fun, he makes me laugh and we enjoy every minute of each other and of being with all 5 of our kids.

#1 favorite age of kids would be the girls age right now 7 (almost 8) - I love how independent they are yet still want their mommy to help them... I love how they enjoy softball and I get to be there to watch every minute of it.

I know as my kids get older my favorite ages of them will change... but really I think I have ENJOYED and LOVED every minute of them growing up so far... even those terrible threes... and Ethan's terrible twos...its definitely WHAT MEMORIES ARE MADE OF!!

Trying A new Plan - for my diet/stress

I wake up every day with the realization that this is it, that there's only one shot at this life and I can either enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and to my highest potential or I can stay the way I am.

I need to be more something..... I know I have had some issue here lately.

For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what
is good. Psalm 107:9

Maybe if I give it ALL to Him... HE will help me...

I will try harder to let GOD lead me, and RID me of all my STRESSFUL issues. (job issue, money issue, house issue... and even my weight issue)
I will try to walk at least a many days as possible in a row
I will drink more water again... (maybe even try to do diet dr pepper) ugh lol
Already slacked on desserts and junk food... (but a girls got to eat and I can't give up my potatos) lol :)

I know this will be hard at times.. I just need a little bit of encouragement and motivation. But figured short simple goals might help... and we will see what happens.

Thank YOU very Much

It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's the Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you take out all your frustrations on people/things that peeved you off during the week and thank them in a very sarcastic way, for being who or what they are/doing what they did. I know everyone can use some free therapy, so go ahead and type yours out, grab my button from my sidebar, and then link up with me so that we can all share in each other's therapy.

So here it goes...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH - TO the woman that flipped me the finger yesterday while going downthe road... when i was doing nothing but driving.. she was the one going 10 miles an hour on a 25 mph and I didnt even honk at you

THANK YOU VERY MUCH - TO The weather why must you get cold again... even if youll be warm by this afternoon... wakin up to the cold I was done with weeks ago...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH - to the freakin pollen (though spring is my fav)... my eyes are so swollen and hurt so bad... i want to claw them out...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH - state of texas for your standardized TAKS test... that made me sit in a class for hours "watching" kids take your test

Your turn!!! Got to love TYVM Thursdays!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out --- my daddy!!

It's that time of the week again.... over at SHells

Daddy and Me @ the SUGAR BOWL... GO GATORS

and my story today comes from something kinda personal... but still
it's bout MY DADDy... and me a little bit...

So my daddy had raised me (and my brother) from the time my bio mom left... it was just me, daddy, and bro, for bout three years.. then my MOM (stepmom) came into the picture... But anyways point being my daddy is a diabetic, and he takes insulin and has since he was young. I can remember being little and his sugar gettin low, and him having seizures and stuff.. and it was scary... But sometimes being an adult and seeing it to me SCARES me even more. My daddy and I had a lot of differences as i was growing up... but he was still always there for me. Monday, this week, his sugar got really low, and my sister whom is 12 called me and told me he wouldn't eat or drink anything... I yelled at my kids to get in the car and hauled it to my parents house. NOw walkin in and seeing my mom, grandma, and aunt all there was a lil bit of relief.. but not so much when i walk over and my dad is on the couch still not eating/drinkin and repeating the number 24 (that was his sugar level).... then when asked who is standing there .. he didn't know who I was. Now after shoving, dp, grape juice, three musketeers etc in him, we finally get his sugar up enoughthat he is more coherent. with out us having to call 911. Everytime this happens I get even a more sicker feeling in my stomach... I love my daddy so much. And just here recently we have become SOOO MUCH closer.. NEW YEARS day i took him with me, hubby, and a friend to the SUGAR BOWL.. to see his fav team the GATORS... it was so nice to get to do something with him, without my mom, and lil sister. But after monday's episode, my heart has been heavy... I know he is ok.. I just get so scared sometimes... he is and has been the one CONSTANT in my life.. through all the things I have been through. So this is just to say I LOVE MY DADDY SO MUCH!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Everyday for the last five years (including this year) I have been coming to work to teach middle school kids. Grades 6-8. And I know they have left me with so many thoughts of disgust at times, that I could write a book. As smart as some of them are, they act like they are still in 1st grade. They have such opportunities that are even different from when I was in middle school, that they take for granted or don't take advantage of. They do the most stupid things... things that even the boys I always thought were dumb don't match up too. Some of the girls...are only thinking bout the hottest boy and what the plans may or may not be for the weekend. They talk so loudly that I know WWWWAAAAYYY tooo much bout some of my students, because they think they are whispering and they are not. Not to sound like the teacher who doesn't like her job.. cuz Teaching is the only thing I wanted to be growing up. And it is so rewarding at times. Knowing I have touched at least one life and they will remember that later. I have a couple of teachers that touched my heart in school, that I have always aspired to be like.. my high school Journalism/English teacher Mrs. Regina Cowles (whom I miss dearly she has been with our Lord above since the year I graduated)... she was a phenomenal teacher and friend. My 4th grade teacher Mr. Trevey always made school so much fun. In middle school I had the best math teacher, Mrs. Burrell... I hated Math but Loved her class. So if I can possible touch a kid's life like these did then I know I'm where I am meant to be. My first year teaching was a nightmare, but I learned so much and this year that class graduates in May and I can't wait to go see them. But back to what I was saying some days coming to work to deal with certain Middle Schoolers is hard.. they say things and have not much respect for adults, till you tell them your going to call their parents, and talk about some of them being LAZY.. it peeves me to see such a smart kid not turn in their work for three weeks. Ok it's just been one of those days.. and as much as I love my middle school students some days I want to just go home to my little ones or find a new career. :)
SO to any other teachers out there... I know how hard you work each day... And am thankful your on my team of educating our future generations!

Monday, April 5, 2010

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So there is this giveaway with a fantastic sad but sweet story over at

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It's awesome!
Monday Minute

My new found buddy Ian over @ The Daily Dose of Reality hosts this fun little meme and I think EVERYONE should jump on this bandwagon. With that being said, the following are Ian's questions and my answers! (If you want to be cool, you'll click on Ian's Monday Minute logo above and join us!)

What's wrong with fake breasts?
Nothing what so ever... If you want em... get em... if you need em... get em... If your happy with yours great! If you don't need em cuz you got to much already... try to find a friend that wants some of it lol.. and beg a dr to share.. wish that was possible.. I have a friend that wants to get rid of some of hers lol

List your latest run-in with the Carnival of Idiocy.
hmmm does the ex husbands idiocy count... but I wont go there right now

Name one thing you'd like to tell your ten year ago self.
Have fun... Love yourself.. and watch out for the loser that is sure to break your heart into a million pieces.

What's your favorite word that's not in the dictionary?
freakatic.... freak and fanatic over things... Im a freakatic when it comes to my photography! everyone always expects me to have my camaera!

Why do fools fall in love?
it is a requirement to make it through lifes journey with your heart having been broken and in love at least a handful of times.

Friday, April 2, 2010

SOUNDS fun ...
Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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My question is

Its that time again!!!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010



Blinded by the love I have
for not just my family but my friends
I try to see the good in all
even when it's my tears that fall
I never thought it would hurt so much
but I'm sorry is not enough.
I've tried so hard to forget
but the words still linger in my ears
But Blinded by the love I have
so much for not just my Family but my FRIENDS till the END.

Blinded by the love I have
for not just my husband and my kids
so much my heart is Full
memories made to be pulled
at later dates when I am old
and my kids have kids of their own.
Old and gray I'll still be Blinded by the love I have
For my husband, whom is my best friend
for my kids, that are my world
and yes still all my family and my friends.

Thinking Bout it Thursday

So Yesterday in my Pour my Heart out post I talked bout being in the middle of two friends... and without putting a lot of detail for the world to read I posted what I could. Well last night I got a text saying "We NEED to talk" so I go to the Girl frinds house and she then lays out the ENTIRE story... as I am crying cuz I am SO HURT by what I am being told... I begin to wonder why would two people do this to me? They say they love me and care about me, what did I do so wrong for this to take place. I have been lied to for two years by my friends... so I am really hurt... and then to top it all off I still have to get the other side of the story from the Guy friend... and hope He is honest and upfront or the whole Losing a friend thing I talked about will for sure happen.. :(

So say a lil prayer for me... as I try to get through all of that this afternoon.


So I am a teacher at a middle school where this year we lost two teachers to cancer. One woman in October of 09 and a man this march. They were phenomonal teachers that touched so many students lives along with many other teachers, family, and friends. We are participating in Relay For Life in memory of them. Any donations would be great if you feel up to it! :)