Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trying A new Plan - for my diet/stress

I wake up every day with the realization that this is it, that there's only one shot at this life and I can either enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and to my highest potential or I can stay the way I am.

I need to be more something..... I know I have had some issue here lately.

For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what
is good. Psalm 107:9

Maybe if I give it ALL to Him... HE will help me...

I will try harder to let GOD lead me, and RID me of all my STRESSFUL issues. (job issue, money issue, house issue... and even my weight issue)
I will try to walk at least a many days as possible in a row
I will drink more water again... (maybe even try to do diet dr pepper) ugh lol
Already slacked on desserts and junk food... (but a girls got to eat and I can't give up my potatos) lol :)

I know this will be hard at times.. I just need a little bit of encouragement and motivation. But figured short simple goals might help... and we will see what happens.

1 comment:

  1. You can do it! Why, in all this time, did I never even think to put my faith in God when it comes to my weight/diet/exercise??? Again, trying to do it all on my own...Thank you for reminding me that He can help!