Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thinking Bout it Thursday

So Yesterday in my Pour my Heart out post I talked bout being in the middle of two friends... and without putting a lot of detail for the world to read I posted what I could. Well last night I got a text saying "We NEED to talk" so I go to the Girl frinds house and she then lays out the ENTIRE story... as I am crying cuz I am SO HURT by what I am being told... I begin to wonder why would two people do this to me? They say they love me and care about me, what did I do so wrong for this to take place. I have been lied to for two years by my friends... so I am really hurt... and then to top it all off I still have to get the other side of the story from the Guy friend... and hope He is honest and upfront or the whole Losing a friend thing I talked about will for sure happen.. :(

So say a lil prayer for me... as I try to get through all of that this afternoon.

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