Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Everyday for the last five years (including this year) I have been coming to work to teach middle school kids. Grades 6-8. And I know they have left me with so many thoughts of disgust at times, that I could write a book. As smart as some of them are, they act like they are still in 1st grade. They have such opportunities that are even different from when I was in middle school, that they take for granted or don't take advantage of. They do the most stupid things... things that even the boys I always thought were dumb don't match up too. Some of the girls...are only thinking bout the hottest boy and what the plans may or may not be for the weekend. They talk so loudly that I know WWWWAAAAYYY tooo much bout some of my students, because they think they are whispering and they are not. Not to sound like the teacher who doesn't like her job.. cuz Teaching is the only thing I wanted to be growing up. And it is so rewarding at times. Knowing I have touched at least one life and they will remember that later. I have a couple of teachers that touched my heart in school, that I have always aspired to be like.. my high school Journalism/English teacher Mrs. Regina Cowles (whom I miss dearly she has been with our Lord above since the year I graduated)... she was a phenomenal teacher and friend. My 4th grade teacher Mr. Trevey always made school so much fun. In middle school I had the best math teacher, Mrs. Burrell... I hated Math but Loved her class. So if I can possible touch a kid's life like these did then I know I'm where I am meant to be. My first year teaching was a nightmare, but I learned so much and this year that class graduates in May and I can't wait to go see them. But back to what I was saying some days coming to work to deal with certain Middle Schoolers is hard.. they say things and have not much respect for adults, till you tell them your going to call their parents, and talk about some of them being LAZY.. it peeves me to see such a smart kid not turn in their work for three weeks. Ok it's just been one of those days.. and as much as I love my middle school students some days I want to just go home to my little ones or find a new career. :)
SO to any other teachers out there... I know how hard you work each day... And am thankful your on my team of educating our future generations!

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  1. I taught middle school- and sometimes it felt like I was banging my head against a wall for all the good it did. Then other times...it was so worth it.