Friday, April 9, 2010

First Impressions - Second Chances - Dont Judge a BOOK By its Cover

So we all know that "first impressions" are soooo IMPORTANT... but I've begun to think maybe not so... We also have always been told "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover".... which in my opinon contradicts the whole make a good first impression or it will hurt you at times..

So now for my reasoning behind this... My exhusband started dating a girl... and my "first" impression of her was she was quiet.. maybe a little "Bitchy" or something... Now don't get the wrong impression here .. we did speak to each other at my girls softball games etc... the usual hey how are you..and that was it.... but I think a lot of the reason we didnt REALLY ever talk was my ex...

So her children LOVE my children and vice versa... and I got her oldest on my oldest twins fall softball team... and even in more of a twist.. on her birthday she called me and wanted to have a drink.. so i did. (weird I know... but this woman was around my kids A LOT).... so after having this drink we found out we have SOOOO much in common. (not including my ex husband) LOL....
and since last year we have grown to talking so much more... and here lately we talk EVERYDAY...
(now mind you my ex and her are not dating anymore they are jsut friend because of the kids, but he really don't like that we are friends)....

I have found out she is one of the funniest women I know.. she makes me laugh everyday.. Her children which i call love bug and buttercup are almost like my own.. I truly love them to pieces.
She is such an amazing woman, christian woman... and has a HUGE Heart... in the last few weeks I have felt like she has become one of my best friends... we get along so well. I love her to death.
Of course there are moments when things may seem a little odd.. but oh well. We truly click.. and I am so blessed God has put her in my life. she has been there to listen to me when at moments I didnt want to talk to anyone else... I truly hope our friendship continues to grow.

I know there are so many people that see us and are wondering WTH we are doing hanging out and laughing and talkin together, but I dont care cuz she is truly an AMAZING mom to her kids, and is great to my kids, and is so much fun to be around, she doesn't judge people for their mistakes nor does she listen to what others say, she makes her own opinions and doesnt care what others think. She has been a wonderful friend to me in our short time of becoming close, and I love getting to see what she will make me laugh about each day.

SO again let me say... First Impressions may be important, but we must not Judge the Book by its Cover, cuz what is inside can be something GOD send your way... so give it a chance and see what happens.

This is to my new bb (she knows what that stands for) :) .... I <3>

will post a pic of us when i get back to my home computer :)


  1. I had a post on first impressions too. I did it for the spin cycle at Sprite's Keeper. First impressions can be so influencing but mean so little.

  2. First impressions...Oh, I fight to have them, but still they are there. Getting past them, is sometimes amazing! Good for you for giving her a chance. :)