Thursday, April 29, 2010

randoms thursday

so its another crazy day....

things are always insane around here... with allstars and all the fundraising etc... which if anyone wants some scentsy candles let me know... then on top of it we are still trying to unpack the new house, have been so swamped we are living out of boxes and bags...been trying to find a job.. cuz I NEED one like ohhh um yesterday..

then i stress bout my babies going to Arkansas this weekend, just makes me nervous ya know... and then my baby boy turns 6 next week, I can't believe how big he has gotten, so I have a party to plan around his Tball game and Allstar fundraiser.

But on a good note, My hubby got to eat lunch with me today (which never gets to happen) and tomorrow night I get to go see REBA with one of my best friends!!!
What a busy weekend we have... I get to go see another woman join the BACH family, which I am so blessed to be part of (which means I get to see my hubby in a tux for the second time, first was when he married me). Got to love a man in a tux!

Then hopefully we will have some relaxation on sunday as we make a trip to the beach weather permitting. SO if for some reason I don't get to jump on here tomorrow for Friday Follow.. hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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