Thursday, April 8, 2010

Over at
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and todays topic is.... What are your Top 3 favorite ages?
( Or, your Top 3 favorite ages for your kids?)

so... I think I will do a both just for the FUN of it

#3 favorite age of mine would be 18 Senior year in HS... had the best group of friends and just made so many memories - sometimes wish I could go back for a time.

#3 favorite age of my daughters would be age 3... the terrible twos were terrible threes and came in as twins so it was loads of fun at that time

#2 favorite age of mine would be 21... the moment I saw my twins for the first time in person... and though it was tough to be raising twins I managed to grow up and learn a lot.. (especially for when lil man came along)

#2 favorite age of the kids would be my sons age of 5 (he is bout to be 6 next month)... I love that he is so sweet and loving to his mommy, always telling me he loves me, and hugging on me... (I know those days won't last as he gets to be bigger)

#1 favorite age of myself would be age 28/29 (since i just had a birthday) - I have met the most amazing man, DANNY, and married him and we have such a strong bond and have so much fun, he makes me laugh and we enjoy every minute of each other and of being with all 5 of our kids.

#1 favorite age of kids would be the girls age right now 7 (almost 8) - I love how independent they are yet still want their mommy to help them... I love how they enjoy softball and I get to be there to watch every minute of it.

I know as my kids get older my favorite ages of them will change... but really I think I have ENJOYED and LOVED every minute of them growing up so far... even those terrible threes... and Ethan's terrible twos...its definitely WHAT MEMORIES ARE MADE OF!!

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