Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Need of a New Fairy

Well everyone I am back, I missed getting to read everyones posts yesterday... :(
but hubby and I managed to not kill each other and got EVERYTHING moved from one house to the new house... Now I am in need of 1 cleaning fairy for the old house & 1 unpacking fairy at the new house... I have places on my body I didn't even know existed hurting today! The kids love the new house, though they all slept in the same room last night, it was the only one with a TV for the moment and of ALL their DVDs they chose to watch the freaking Barbie Twelve Days of Christmas... I mean really... even my poor son was into it. lol I guess whatever works, I was just glad my room was at the other end of the house. As much as I LOVE Christmas.. I had no desire to hear Christmas carols in April. So anyways, Hope to catch up on everyones posts... especially my fav meme on Wed .. Pour Your Heart Out.

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday... and has a great one today!

1 comment:

  1. If you find those fairies, send them mine way! I need them for my move next week!