Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I know the majority of us have at least one EX that we can't stand or that gives massive HELL... well between my hubby and I we have two .. HIS & MINE!

Now don't get me wrong they of course have their moments when they are as normal as can be... but the majority of the time they are just plain ......... ________ (you can fill in the blank with just bout any negative word and it fits 95% of the time).

Not saying that either of these people are bad parents per say but... I am sure you all know how it works.

For ex he tries so hard to be a good dad... but always tells my kids to not tell me certain things cuz I'm going to "cry" about it.. which in turn he means I'm going to throw a fit that he went and bought a new hunting bow but tells me he don't have money to buy something that the kids need. Well let me just say YES I am going to gripe a little... or for example today he said YES I will help pay to but the girls in a rec cheerleading thing, but even on my weekends you have to bring them cuz I don't wanna go watch some other boys play football and the girls will probably barely cheer anyways he dont wanna waste his weekends... that kind of stuff drives me crazy... or I call to talk to them and he NEVER has his phone.. what if it was an emergency? oh well anyways I could go on an on an on... like how its ok for him to do certain things, but soon as he finds out I did he causes a scene.... as long as its his idea its all good... he was that way while married too.. but still his... there are many other things I could go on an on about but wont.

NOw to my Danny's ex wife= She is one of those women that I got a divorce and was Queen Witch. And she has always beent he one to say one thing but then DO ANOTHER anytime it FITS her. Yesterday for example.. Danny went to have dinner with the kids but was going to bring them home early like 6ish and well guess what she was going like an hour plus away to eat dinner with her new fiance' (which is a LONG STORY you would all find so interesting)...and wouldnt be home in time to get HER kids. She never sends enough diapers for the lil one... and usually Taylor doesn't have the right clothes packed based on the weather outside. Then to top it ALL off she is getting to Move two hours away and my poor Husband will barely get to see his kids.. andhe is one of the most amazing MEN ever... an awesome daddy.. trys to go to everything Taylor wants him at for school... and now he will have to miss out On so MUCh of hers and lil Christians lives .. and it is hurting him SO bad. She is one of those that always has some Crap to say cuz she doesnt know the whole story, but then acts like a middle schooler and hangs up when she don't like the conversation... (MY EX DOES THAT TOO)... HAte that!

I know we all have had some sort of experiences like these.. and Im sure you know that this little bit of info doesn't come close to all the tales I got tell.

But I do know this.... I have the most amazing husband and i hate seeing him hurt over her.. just as I know he hates when my ex has made me feel an inch big again and i am crying my eyes out cuz he has once again said something so hateful/hurtful... I know that our children see a lot of the way our ex's are.. (mine say things to me all the time that makes me know they know how their father treats me)... and one day I hope that our exs will see how the BAD things they say bout their childrens other parent effects them.

I LOVE MY HUSBAND and ALL FIVE of OUR CHILDREN!!! and the LIFE we are trying SO Hard To Give them!


  1. I really feel for you. I only have one ex-wife and only one step-child and I really don't know if I could handle any more.

    I consider her the lowest of low. She is selfish, hateful, vindictive, and manipulative. I really tried to get along with her in the beginning but she was too threatened by my presence in her son's life.

    He is starting to see how she is and I hate it for him. We do make sure to never say anything negative word about her despite the fact that I have a whole book that I could write.

    Keep your head up. It will all work out how God plans it.

  2. Wow, sounds like your exes and ours are related! We have three exes that we have to deal with. One is actually fine and there's little conflict. The other two drive me absolutely insane with their antics. There's never an end to the madness.

  3. Tabatha,

    One day that is going to come back to bite your ex where it hurts!! Your children are going to figure out what is what as they get older. I can't tell you how many times I have seen it happen...or how many times someone like your "ex" asks me to go to court for them......I will ...when donkeys!!!