Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out --- my daddy!!

It's that time of the week again.... over at SHells

Daddy and Me @ the SUGAR BOWL... GO GATORS

and my story today comes from something kinda personal... but still
it's bout MY DADDy... and me a little bit...

So my daddy had raised me (and my brother) from the time my bio mom left... it was just me, daddy, and bro, for bout three years.. then my MOM (stepmom) came into the picture... But anyways point being my daddy is a diabetic, and he takes insulin and has since he was young. I can remember being little and his sugar gettin low, and him having seizures and stuff.. and it was scary... But sometimes being an adult and seeing it to me SCARES me even more. My daddy and I had a lot of differences as i was growing up... but he was still always there for me. Monday, this week, his sugar got really low, and my sister whom is 12 called me and told me he wouldn't eat or drink anything... I yelled at my kids to get in the car and hauled it to my parents house. NOw walkin in and seeing my mom, grandma, and aunt all there was a lil bit of relief.. but not so much when i walk over and my dad is on the couch still not eating/drinkin and repeating the number 24 (that was his sugar level).... then when asked who is standing there .. he didn't know who I was. Now after shoving, dp, grape juice, three musketeers etc in him, we finally get his sugar up enoughthat he is more coherent. with out us having to call 911. Everytime this happens I get even a more sicker feeling in my stomach... I love my daddy so much. And just here recently we have become SOOO MUCH closer.. NEW YEARS day i took him with me, hubby, and a friend to the SUGAR BOWL.. to see his fav team the GATORS... it was so nice to get to do something with him, without my mom, and lil sister. But after monday's episode, my heart has been heavy... I know he is ok.. I just get so scared sometimes... he is and has been the one CONSTANT in my life.. through all the things I have been through. So this is just to say I LOVE MY DADDY SO MUCH!!!!


  1. Sending prayers for him!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. He's lucky to have such a supportive and caring family.

  3. Wonderful that you are all so caring and supportive of him. It must be exhausting for everyone...I send him wihes for better health!

  4. This is so sweet. I love it. You are a wonderful daughter. Prayers for your Dad and hugs for you. :)

  5. I'm glad you guys were able to get his sugar up. My dad is chronically ill and even though I know he's managing himself okay...some of the time...I worry constantly. He has type 2 diabetes (among many, many other things) and the other night when I was visiting, he sleep-walked and ate an entire carton of ice cream!

    Reading your post about your Dad was so sweet. It's really wonderful that he was there for you while you were growing up. :)