Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey well I know I've been REALLLY slacking on blogging lately. But with everything going on I barely can think. So here is some updates...

My brother is doing better - still praying he will get his life together now and not try to harm himself anymore ever.

We are moving yet again - (just moved in april) - but this should be the last time. I will finally get to own a house again! And hope that maybe one day my EX will get my name off that house he lives in. But finally I will not be renting and moving and moving and renting. Kids are super excited to move in next to Nan/Pawpaw and Aunt KK. I think it will be interesting living on the same street as my whole family again.

Job well - I put in my two week notice today (though I don't have a permanent job to go to). Praying GOD will provide, and I'm going to sub again this year unless one of the leads I have come through.

School starts next week and I can't believe my girls are going to 3rd grade andmy lil man is going to 1st. They were so excited when we found out their teachers and that they are all in the GT class! I was too cept that I know that means more homework and more projects lol.

Life is crazy, but I know GOD has a plan!

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  1. good luck I have an award for you.

    get it when you can no rush.