Tuesday, October 12, 2010


im sorry everyone... I havent been able to post in awhile. SO many things have gone on.

Since last blogging.. I quit the awful job I had... and have been out of work. :( been looking really hard for a job.

Have not had access to a computer like i did before my hard drive died.. and until I have money to fix it.. I just use my phone for facebook etc... :)

GOOD NEWS THOUGH - I got a house...l I should not have to ever move again I hope. My kids are so very happy to live next door to my parents.. and on the street I grew up on.

My brother is doing well.. thank you for the prayers!

Need prayers for my husband though - I won't go into details but just pray for him and us! :)

We made it to our anniversary OCT 3 - 1 yr .. I love him so much! He is an amazing man!

I have lost some bloggy friends I guess since I havent blogged much, but I do still read some of my favorites.



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  1. Hey Tabatha,

    Glad you're back. I'm glad to hear you quit your job, it's not worth it really in the long run if you don't like what you are doing. :)