Friday, March 19, 2010

Hit the last of the 20s

So I just recently had a birthday and turned the big 29. All I think is wow so much has happened to me in my 20s... I got married, had twin girls, graduated college, had my son, got my teaching certificate, got a teaching job, and then through this I got a divorce that took two years of tears and heartache... but ending my 20s with a awesome new Husband, who is amazing to me and my children makes everything so much better. I have found that I still love teaching just need to find a place I feel I belong, I love writing and reading when I have the chance. I am finding that being involved in my childrens extra-curricular activies (mainly softball and baseball) is so much fun and watching them excel and get better at something is so fullfilling. I can't believe my girls will be 8 in June and my lil boy will be 5 in may. On top of it all though I have such an ecouraging husband and group of friends. Even on my most down day I have so many reasons to smile and know I am so blessed!

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