Wednesday, March 31, 2010

love having an outlet to Pour my heart out... I have a two part one today!

so just sometimes i feel my friends in order to "PROTECT" me really Hurt me instead. I have had some issues this week... I know I can be too trusting sometimes it is one of my downfalls. I love my friends and trust them. I hate being in the middle of something that I don't fully understand all the details too... AM I THE ONLY ONE THIS HAPPENS TOO? But Iknow me and if any of my friends were being to naive to see something I'd at least say something to them and then they can still make their own choice. I don't want to lose any of my friendships.. especially this one in particular.. we have been best friends for six years our children are all the same age and are best freinds. But on the same now the other friend I don't want to lose either cuz they have done nothing to me. SO what do I do? How am I suppose to feel?
When confronted bout things they both have their own versions... whom do I believe? It really ate at me all day yesterday. I want to beleive that if I Needed either of the two people concerned here they would be there for me... and I do believe it. I just sometimes wonder about the REALITY of some friendships. I have a lot of really close friends, some I talk to daily some I barely talk to monthly but I know they would be there if NEEDED anything from them. So anyways just needed to vent a lil. thanks for reading. :)

On a happier note though...
Saturday will make six months of being married to my best friend, Danny! He has been so amazing and supportive through a lot of things since we have been together. I'm lucky and can't wait to see what our LONG future holds.


  1. First off, HAPPY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

    Secondly :( I'm so sorry you are being thrown in the middle of something like that. If I were in your situation what I would do is probably tell each of them, I'm sorry I really can't be in the middle of this. I hope it doesn't affect our friendship, but please be fair to me and leave me out of it. I hope you don't have to lose any friends over it all.

  2. I was going to say what Amanda said. The one in the middle always is the one to get hurt the most. I would tell them you can't be involved and just love them and hope they can work it out from afar.

  3. I hate being in the middle. It's even worse when I really don't understand what is going on!

    Happy half anniversary to you!

    Thanks for linking up!