Tuesday, June 22, 2010


can i say wow... I am missing all of you bloggy friends... with this new job.. (THAT I DONT LIKE)... i am so busy! I barely get to get on here and read my fav blogs.. but I am trying.. dont forget about me.

then on top of everything i am still trying to find a teaching job, my twins birthday party is this weekend.... was trying to find them a trampoline with an enclosure that was priced decently... dealing with friend drama, exs drama... etc... my poor husband is so torn up bout his kids and stuff it hurts so much to watch him hurt.. just want to help him.

But I am PRAYING everyday that things start to calm down, and GOD puts me where I belong..

I just wanted to say I MISS MY FRIENDS on here.. and don't think I've ran away.. I am here and reading! just not getting as much time to post!

Faithfully your bloggy friend

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  1. I miss you and I don't even know you yet. Hang in there. I hope your job gets better.

    New follower in the house from FMBT! So glad to be here, hope you'll return the favor!

    Lost of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner