Friday, June 11, 2010

Texas Country - Stoney Larue :) - Giddy!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

I am just in a great mood today!!!

So last night hubby took me to see the guy named Stoney Larue... GO CHECK HIM OUT!!! he is a Texas Country singer, not as famous as people like Pat Green or Kevin Fowler.. but I <3>almost every concert we've been to in the year and half we've been together I've gotten a tshirt :) .. spoiled maybe a little bit) ... but see we've seen Stoney before I just didn't push for a shirt lol.. so not only did hubby buy me a shirt... and a coosie... I was right up front! Well Stoney throws out his guitar picks... and these three young skinny chicks had already gotten one.. I wanted one so much... so luckily I reached out my hand... and he gave me one... SO at this point I am sooo super happy over this lil piece of plastic.. like he is some Tim Mcgraw or George Strait... (who i love also)... but still its the little things sometimes lol. But then afterwards he reaches out and touches bout three of us women's hands. So my hubby being the goof he is... says "so i guess your super worked up got a pick and your boyfriend touched" and of course I am just as happy as a lil kid that just got a present. BUT then it got even better... I went back to the back of the club and he was back there at his table with all his stuff for sale... and he signed my coosie and I got a HUG!!!

Silly I know.. but hey when your a fan your a fan ... RIGHT!!! and I am a FAN! and feel like a GOOB today about it lol... so anyways I just wanted to share.. and you should all go check him out!!! He has got some really great songs!!

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  1. My husband really likes them! He's seen them and says they are great in concert!