Monday, May 17, 2010


So I'm hooking up and joining a meme over at MommyBrain and I'm going to tell you all about me using NUMBERS...

29 - years old
1 year 4 months - since I met the love of my life
7 months of being married to him
3 - kids that I birthed
2 - kids that have come to me by marriage
1- adopted kids that I love as if she were my own
1- baby that belongs to the adopted kid that I love even more lol

312 - my angel number i believe... it appears everywhere and i always seem to spot it and maybe the connection there is my birthday

312-123 special number between me and my best friend

5 years of teaching

4 moves in the last 3 years - maybe i am finally in a house that will last awhile

1 brother 1 half sister 1 half brother and 1 adopted brother (not really but he might as well be)

7656 emails waiting to be opened (yes most of them are TRASH)

13 days of school left - then my baby will be in 1st grade and my girls will be in 3rd

650 something friends on facebook

13 hours per week the last few weeks of hours sitting at softball practice

ok i'm sure there are SO M ANY more numbers I can add, but I'll quit boring ya .. lol


  1. I have a Sunshine Award for you. Stop by and pick it up when you have a chance.

  2. Okay, I LOVE this meme prompt! I just learned so much about YOU :) That's a lot of emails! 4 moves in 3 years ... that's a lot of packing and unpacking! Thanks for playing!

  3. You gotta lot of Kiddos to love! That's WONDERFUL! They are ALL blessed to have you!

  4. Visiting from Follow Me Back Tuesday! This is a cute little list, and I love that you have such a blender of a family (we do, too).