Friday, May 21, 2010

Wanna LIVE Vicariously Thru You!

So the weekend is finally upon us... and mine will again consist of some softball for another weekend. Only one more weekend and two more weeks and then I'll get a softball break. :) Hopefully though My weekend will also consist of some me and hubby time, seems every time we turn around we are doing something with others, for others, or are at SOFTBALL! lol ready for next weekend... MEMORIAL DAY weekend =s FUN&RELAXATION! So just curious what does your weekend plans consist of? maybe i can live vicariously through you!!


  1. My weekend will be staying home, playing outside, and resting when I can. Chesley has pink eye again so we can't really go anywhere with him.

  2. My weekend will consist of packing for our move, ugh. Softball sounds a lot more fun to me. Have a great weekend though girl!