Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well tonight I will be going to a High School Graduation. It is the first class I taught five years ago. I am so proud of the kids! One in particular is my "adopted child" I have talked a lil about before. So I am going to talk more about her... this is a pic she sent me when she recievedher cap/gown.. cant wait to see her tonight in it!

Her name is Veronica... she is a smart young lady!
She got pregnant her junior year and missed most of the year. But still graduated in the top of her class while being a New mommy. We all know how hard that is all by itself.

She is a sweet girl, and I love her as if she were my own. Teaching her while she was in 8th grade we became close, she was going through some things and would come tome to talk. Her mom and her were close but not close like they needed to be. There were times her mom tried to be more of her friend than her mom, and so therefore V got away with just bout anything she wanted. I was the one she listened to for some reason. I have become so close with her whole family and they all know she calls me mommy and they are ok with it. I love her and her baby girl Natalie.
Natalie calls me TATA and I love it!

So on top of her I am so proud of the whole graduating class of 2010. and can't wait to see them walk tonight! I've had so many of them message me asking if I was going to make it to graduation! and I am really excited to watch them! and of course get pictures (which i will post later).


  1. Teaching is such a big job. Enjoy you're night. Come by and grab a versitile blogger award too :)

  2. awww, what a proud moment for you! She looks like a great girl.

    People like you make the world a better place!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm following back!