Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Minute again

It's that wonderful fun time again over at IAN's...

Monday Minute

1 - How much would you have to be paid to eat a human cadaver's finger?
um ewww.. but ya know give me a few million dollars and i'd try to imagine it as chicken or something... what i could do with some money these days

2 - Describe the worst physical fight you've ever been in.
Never been in a real physical fight.. unless you count those pushng and shoving matches with the ex husband... and beating his back till he let go of me! but ya know.. now there have been some times I wanted to beat some girls and guys

3 - Name one song that if you never heard it ever again, you'd be thrilled.
most of miley cyrus's songs.. i get so tired of boom boom clap.. but my girls LOVE it

.4 - Describe the "drunkest" situation you've ever been.
Oh geez... there have been a few of those.... those nights you can't remember how you got home, or the next day someone mentions waffle house and you go... WHAT? we went to waffle house and I ate What?... or having your friend drive down the feeder road the wrong way... (thank GOD there were no cars or cops)... and we made it home safe and sound... or driving down the road after your cuzs wedding.. laid out in the back seat with the door open pucking... NOT PRETTY at all. thank GOD for my best friends boyfriend! wow those are some moments not worth reliving

5 - What's your biggest regret?
My biggest regret would be letting others opinons get in my way of doing what would make me happy ( no mind you today I'm probaby better off because I chose to care what others thing and Im getting way better at that. But I also regret not going off to school and living with my bf.. things may would be so different right now if i would have. (though i am happy with my life)


  1. The Waffle House is never a good sign.

  2. LOL @ the Waffle house. Ever notice it's always places like that when you are the drunkest?

  3. All I keep thinking about is that human cadaver finger LOL Aghhh I am a secret Miley Cyrus fan...shhh!

    Nice blog!