Monday, May 24, 2010

MOnday Minute - Ducky Style

Participating in Ian's Monday Minute as usual ..

1. - Do you *snort*?
Yes when i get to laughing super super hard...

. 2 - Our friend, has a nickname and it's Daffy. What's your nickname?

Well here lately I have been called a phrase - THE BEST TEAM MOM EVER.. and i know to those reading it it may not make sense.. but see short explaination... being team mom for softball for one of my friends who is the coach.. well his wife and his other guy bestfriends wife have both been team mom for him.. but one night he was talkin to both his wife and guy friend and said TAB , it THE BEST TEAM MOM IVE EVER HAD.. can we say insert foot into mouth.. lol it may not seem funny but it is hilarious to all of us.. Ive also been called TAB. tabby cat, etc

. 3 - Do you know sign language?

i know a little... beside the bird :)

4. What's a sample convo from your hood?

after reading this.. i know i could fill pages up of convos from the hood.. after teaching in the hood for three years.. lol too many go through my head for this blog lol

5. Do you sleep with electronic devices - i.e. laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?

my phone is beside my bed... it is my three alarm clocks lol


  1. Let's see some of the convos from da hood!

  2. I agree, we need convos from the hood!