Monday, May 10, 2010

Really... Seriously... Do you Even Know?

So last week in honor of mothers day I talked about my stepmom (MOM to me) she is amazing and I love her!.. well today I want to rant bout the womb carrier.. or the biological mother as I've called her for years... we will stick with BM through out this post...

So saturday night about 11pm BM calls to wish me Happy Mother's Day, I thought oh interesting, ok.. "happy mothers day to you to."... she then tells me that she loves me, and is proud of me, etc.. ok so here we are thinking this is not a bad convo at all.. actually I was feeling like maybe she does care a lil bit bout me and my kids etc... (though she has seen my 3 like maybe ummmm 10 times in 8yrs.. and that is usually when i run into her in HEB or Walmart)... but of course she couldn't leave the convo at Happy Mother's day.. I'm proud of you etc.. it had to go WAY DOWN HILL. She is the one that LEFT and No matterwhat the circumstances of her leaving she left.. and though I'm an adult now.. in my mind she still LEFT. ... but to leave out all the years and years worth of stories I'll pin point a few things...
  • she wasnt at ANY school function growing up.. academic/ extra curricular
  • she wasnt at wedding shower... my first twins baby shower.. my twins being born... my son being born... or even my second wedding 7 months ago
  • she can't stand to be around my dad/mom my grandparents.. so instead she chooses not to be part of my life yet tries to put the blame on me (her daughter) seriously what the hell

So everytime I consider even attempting a relationship with her.. she does something stupid ...

Yesterday I put on my status.. Going to eat with the parents (wanted to put mom/dad but decided to be nice and just put parents), grandparents, aunt/uncle.. Had a great day even if it wasnt what I wanted it to be... but my family made it GREAT.

The BM then goes and puts on my facebook... Never satisfied what do u expect from a SPOILED brat... I love u tab but its true.

Seriously that is what she put... are you kidding me...

this woman does NOT even know me... does not know much about me cept what she reads on my stupid facebook... she couldnt probably tell you my fav color, my fav food,my fav movie... she has no idea what i like to do or what hurts me the most. yet she wants to call me a SPOILED brat... (now even if i am spoiled at times.. she should be able to go to sleep each night so peacefully knowing she did not make me that way lol).

When I read her little comment, I was SO MAD... So I know this.. no matter what her excuses and where she wants to put her BLAME.. which she still takes NO Blame for her not being in my life... she blames me, my dad, my mom, my grandparents.. but doesnt take any her for herself.. at 47 years old she is still putting fault everywhere else.

She is suppose to be the MOTHER and I'm suppose to be the kid.. no matter the age.. but anyways...

I know who raised me and who was there for me and it was not her.. it was my DADDY (whom i've posted about ) and then my mom that has loved me since I was 8 (whom i posted about last week). I LOVE THEM... and as much as at times it breaks my heart to not have a relationship with the BM.. most days my life is MUCH better without her DRAMA!

Thanks for reading everyone.. I just needed to get some stuff out at least a little of it.


  1. Hope the rant made you feel better about things. I'm glad you had someone who loved you enough to stepped up to fill that space. You're blessed!

  2. Oh my gosh...I feel like I wrote this! Thats Ok. Screw them right! We did just fine on our own! Happy Mothers Day to YOU!

  3. Oh, sweetie. I refuse to even accept my mother as a fb friend b/c I get sick thinking of the crap like that that she would write for all to see.

    She's coming for a visit this week and I am giving myself an ulcer just thinking about it.

  4. I'm sorry your BM is such a twit...Personally, I think I would remove her from facebook...she sounds like she has issues, and it seems like your parents have done a great job...You don't need someone around like that who is constantly going to be bringing you down....If it makes you feel any parents are asses..we have little to do with them...All the same, I hope you had a great Mothers day..I am a new follower by the way from Tuesday Tag Along...