Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PYHO - Reality vs Fairy Tale

As per the last few weeks.. it's Wednesday and I want to participate in the usual PYHO

Topic for today.... Reality vs Fairy Tale

As a little girl we all or at leastmost of us wanted that whole FAIRY TALE romance... even tomboyish lil me wanted it. Now of coursemost of us don't really ever have the perfect fairy tale.. but I'd like to think I at least found my perfect Prince. But really todays reality vs fairy tale is not about me it's about some other people I know.

So two friends of mine and hubbys have hooked up and decided to "date"... so your thinking oh thats cool no big deal right... WRONG... the reason it has become a big deal, within the last three weeks of them getting together... they have become Not so great friends... hurting those that were their friends first.

Reality of it is - She was hurt very very bad many many times over and just got out of an on/off relationship of two years (whom she really wanted to be with)
He got out of a 15 year marriage about a year ago.

Now I will be the first one to say I am not knockin instant connections or love or whatever.. (HUBBY AND I FELL HARD AND FAST, BUT I'D ALREADY BEEN AWAY FROM MY EX FOR OVER TWO YEARS AND WAS OVER HIM WAY BEFORE WE FINALLY GOT THE OFFICIAL DIVORCE).. But see danny and I have been around these two for awhile now and all of a sudden their whole personalities have changed.

When the four of us hang out.. danny and i feel very uncomfortable like we really are not wanted there, even though weeks before the four of us could hang out and have a great time.

So Reality of the guy friend is this - danny texted guy friend and said we shouldn't hang out anymore, needless to say guy friend is clueless about why... oh why cuz he has his head soooo FAR up girl friends butt he can't see that he has been hurting danny. His first response wasn't "well why danny whats going on?" it was "why can't you just be happy I'm happy with her etc... ".can we see where this is going? Prior ties not straight or what?!

Fairy tale is this - guy is... BLINDED by "LOVE"

Back to reality of the girl friend - so yea she was basically living at mine and danny's house for three weeks, doing just bout everything with us.. still hung up on ex boyfriend to the point of saying all kinds of hurtful things to me (OK TIME TO FILL YOU IN JUST A LIL BIT ... her exboyfriend was my EX HUSBAND the X i talk bout on here. yes weird I know but...our kids are best friends). So back the story... the past two weeks even she has been blowing me off for him...

Hate the onesided friendship thing.. hate that danny and I were good enough for the two of them to hang out with till they basically found something better. We dont care if they date.. we just wanted our friendship intact.

Fairytale again - guy friend is on a mission to basically in my mind "buy" this girl friends love.. by takin her to do all the things she never has, anything she mentions that shelikes or would like he goes overboard to have done... Now this may seem sweet and all but in REALITY this is not the guy friend we know...we've tried talkin to her bout it but they both think we are just being ANTI - THEM.


UNLESS ANYONE HAS ANY OTHER ADVICE FOR ME/US. There is probably so much more of this story I left out.. and it may seem all broken and jumbled but... it's just really bugging me and hubby how we've been treated and are still being treated in some ways.. I'm sure this is just post 1 about it all .. lol thanks again for reading my drama as i pour my heart out again!

BLOG FRIENDS ARE THE BEST.. and I'm so glad I've made some!


  1. Oh, I hate when people throw out their friends for their new love interest. They need to remember who is there for them when they really need it. But, there really isn't anything that we can say that will be taken the right way.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. That's so hard. Being in love is great but it certainly doesn't excuse treating your friends bad all of a sudden. Sorry you're in a tough spot. :) I'd just stand aside for now and hopefully they'll see how rude they've been. What else can ya do?
    (I learned in one of your past posts that our son's are both named Ethan and six years old, now I learn your hubby's name is Danny too! :)

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  4. I hate it when people change after they've met someone. I wouldn't say anything for now. See what happens. That's a tough line. Good luck!

  5. What's going to be even worst is if the relationship doesn't last and they each come back to you guys wanting comfort and support. It's a little tricky for you since you supported this friend even though she was dating your ex and being at your house all the time....and now. Yikes. Well love does makes people crazy and thoughtless so good luck and keep us updated because this is truly a day-time soap opera. All the best.

  6. Oh that's tough! No easy answer to that one. I'm so helpful I know. :)

  7. I left you something at my blog!