Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Award and boy is it a GOOD ONE! :)

So my friend Jessica over at Adventures of a wife and mom gave me my first award... and I <3>

The rules are I must tell you 5 CHARACTERS with whom I would chose to knock boots with, or bump plastics with in this case I guess. and then of course pass it on!!

So let me see...

Well of course my hubby knockin boots with him is always fun!! :)

Then well.... I sure love me some Jason Aldean.. hate his first name but love him

Then I wouldn't mind being around the sexy Vin Diesel

Then of course I would need some vampire love ...

Then last but not least... I could use some serious time with.... Matthew McConaughey

And Now I want to know what these womens choices would be... So I am hitting you with this award

1 Shell over at Things I can not say

2. ali over at Mommie Life

3. Michelle at Mommy Loves Stilettos

4. purseblogger

5. Tylaine at Just me


  1. Great pics! I love Mcconahey

  2. Thanks Tabatha! I think I get the (ya I'm THAT naive sometimes)

  3. That is the greates award I've seen! Congrats!

  4. oops! that's supposed to say greatest!

  5. OMG! Best award EVERRRR!